Beautified: My Second BoxyCharm!

It’s here. It’s here!

I recently signed up for BoxyCharm, a subscription service that starts at $25. Even though I just received my June box, it’s already time to open my July box. I get the base box, which promises 5 full-size products, worth up to $225. (But, I’m so happy with the two boxes I’ve signed up for the Luxe, which offers 8-9 full-size products every 3 months.)

My Products

My Review

One thing that I like about BoxyCharm, is opening your box is truly a surprise. I immediately noticed this one felt heavier and scurried into my room to open it. The very first thing I noticed is how amazing the box smelled the second I opened it. And, considering this month’s theme was sunshine, it was only fitting that the smell reminded me of being on the beach. Coconuts? Something tropical?

Turns out, it was from the Sol de Janeiro shampoo and conditioner. (And the smell? It’s called Cheirosa ’62.) I’ve seen ads for this line everywhere and immediately tried it out that night. I was unsure after using the shampoo since my hair still felt extremely dry. But, after using the conditioner, my hair felt extremely slick and soft. It smells outrageously divine. And, it lingers. My pillowcase and hair smelled the day after I used it, too! It might not be the best hair product I’ve ever tried, but it’s easily the best smelling.

I am familiar with 111Skin from my IPSY subscription. Like the hyaluronic acid booster I received from IPSY, the pollution defence booster comes with a hefty price tag. This product is to be mixed with your moisturizer for added protection against free radicals and blue light exposure. Problem is, it’s difficult to tell how powerful is it after just a couple uses. I can tell you it doesn’t have a smell to it, and it is relatively lightweight. Some other reviews say they felt their skin improved quickly, though. The jury is still out on this one. But, for the time being, I just wouldn’t say it’s worth the price tag had I not received it in my box.

The Bronzed in Paradise palette can act as both a bronzer and an eye shadow. I can only use two of the four for my complexion. And, from the reviews on Boxycharm, that sounds like a problem with many others as well. The darker hues will simply have to be eye shadow. The lighter color comes off as a highlight, with a lot of sheen to it. I then used it along the crease of my eye. Then, I used the second darkest color on the corner of my eye. Finally, I used the darkest, deep-colored brown along my lash line. It comes off like a rich, burnt orange. Overall, it created a pretty look and is extremely pigmented.

The Fierce and Fine graphic pen is indeed fine. It is a liquid liner and the tip is extremely rigid, making application quite foolproof. It goes on very straight and makes for a precise, perfect line. I will say, the formula is not as dense as the ones I normally use. But for an ultra-thin line, it works perfectly. The website claims it’s waterproof, so I’m wondering if that has something to do with it. I really wasn’t looking for eyeliner, but have used this several times since receiving my box.

Finally, the Hourglass Arch brow micro-sculpting pencil works perfectly with my coloring. And, as a blond, I can attest that this brand might easily have some of the widest range for lighter eyebrows. It is not a pointed end, so much a slight curve. (They call it a “flat tip” in their description.) I typically use Anastasia Brow Wiz ($23) for an eyebrow pencil in taupe, and this actually might be just a smidgen better for my coloring. And, although it can be used alone, I like to add more depth with Lime Crime’s Bushy Brow Pen ($20).

Overall, I am most excited about the shampoo and conditioner. I can easily see myself buying other products by Sol de Janeiro. And, although I love getting palettes in my box, I couldn’t see myself buying this one again. So while it’s not exciting, the brow pencil would probably be the second item I could see myself purchasing. It goes on easily and looks very natural. I can’t say I dislike any items, but I can’t justify or understand the price tag of 111Skin, personally. And, out of the two products I’ve used of theirs, I would lean towards the hyaluronic acid booster anyway. And as far as the eyeliner, I am happy with the product but am not sure it’s worth the price tag. I would be curious to see if Glossier Pro Tip, for $16, would be comparable and still have the same level of precision.