Beautified: A Review of BoxyCharm

So, while I was looking at IPSY, I came across BoxyCharm. The base box runs $25 a month, which goes down the more months you buy. Unlike IPSY or BirchBox, every product in the lowest price version is full-sized. I went ahead and bought three months to see what it’s all about.

Like IPSY, I took a pretty extensive quiz about my beauty routine, what I was looking for and what I wanted to avoid. (For both IPSY and Boxycharm, I mentioned I was looking for an equal mix of both beauty and skincare. I wanted to avoid lipstick, nail polish, and products with wild colors.)

After I took the quiz, I waited. And waited.

As a note, IPSY will typically tell you what’s in your box ahead of time. It tells you when it’s shipped and keeps you extremely informed at every step of the process. BoxyCharm, on the other hand, didn’t communicate nearly as much. I got a notification roughly 10 days after I purchased the boxes, and it literally was at my doorstep the next day. So, it is a very different process as well.

So that said… let’s see what made my first box!

The Products

My Review

Admittedly, I didn’t know what to expect. Especially since it was my first box. The first item listed: orange. And that’s all I saw. (Read: not at ALL a color I’d look at.) Fortunately, I opened the palette and was relieved to see they weren’t, in fact, all orange. Instead, there were shades of peach, brown, and other warm, coppery tones. I would have NEVER bought this palette for myself. But, I am oddly enough curious to try it and see. The colors have good pigmentation and are fun to play with. I’ve used the cream as a base virtually every day since receiving the box.

Next, I am thrilled to see First Aid Beauty. Even though I am not familiar with this scrub, I really enjoyed my primer, which was in my first IPSY bag. This scrub leaves your skin buttery soft and works wonders. it is easily my favorite or second favorite in this box overall.

Though it’s not as sexy or exciting, the Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Cream is something I would definitely use. I absolutely love that it has SPF, which is important to preventing wrinkles and sun damage. However, the color is too dark for my skin tone. Therefore, I won’t be able to use it unless I get darker or lighten it with other products.

The product that is throwing me for a loop is the QMS Cosmetics Lip line Corrector. I wasn’t sure of what to expect with this one. Other reviews range from loving it, to having allergic reactions. I didn’t have much of a reaction. Therefore, it’s probably the item I’m least excited about.

Finally, another highlighter. This actually was not listed on my sheet and was either misplaced or placed instead of the eye balm. I may have to start asking to scale back on highlighters, as I have already received a lot this month. And, it’s not something I use that frequently. This shade comes off slightly rose gold. It can be used as an eyeshadow as well and is overall really pretty considering. That said, I think I’m more than equipped with highlighters.

IPSY or BoxyCharm?

After one month, I am actually happy with both services. They both did a really great job of giving me a range of products. And, I think you get what you pay for both. The IPSY Glam Bag is great for trying new products, without a significant investment. If you like a product, though, you’ll have to pay the increased cost for more. Whereas BoxyCharm, you’ll have your items for longer at the discounted price.

I like that BoxyCharm truly is a surprise when you open it. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist not peaking, even though that’s certainly an option with IPSY. The products in my first box were a nice mix of beauty and skincare, and all seem to be of decent quality. But, their level of communication is not as frequent. And, the deals aren’t, in fact, daily. They emailed me with my code weeks in advance, and the store says when to come back for pop-up deals.

I think time will only tell. The biggest thing will be how often do both services change up the types of products? You have the opportunity to leave reviews for both, which supposedly allow them to keep tailoring to your preferences.