Yum: Joanna Gaines Peanut Butter Brownies

I recently discovered Joanna Gaines’ cookbooks. And, I felt dejected when my first couple of recipes came out just okay. The coffee cake wasn’t as moist as I would have liked and the macaroni salad congealed pretty quickly. But Lucy’s peanut butter brownies? I knew these had to be foolproof. Right?

Immediately, I realized the brownie, or the bottom layer, isn’t your typical brownie consistency. It’s more of a dense, crumbly bar. I wonder if another brownie recipe for that layer would be better. But, once everything is together it does taste cohesive, albeit extremely sweet. The freezing process creates a delicious crunch, especially with the peanut butter. And the top layer is basically fudge. However, I would definitely recommend scaling back on the sugar. In fact, they’re so sweet I would only see these for a couple of times a year for extremely decadent occasions.

And, you can get the recipe too. Here is the recipe, or get her cookbook, Magnolia Table: Volume 2.