Beautified: Winterized Hands

Sigh… Living in Chicago, you’re almost guaranteed to get cracked hands, chapped lips, and dry skin during the winter. That’s why we’re using our less than thrilling experiences to help others. Hand creams are the easiest way to pump up the nourishment. They contain lipids, which protect the skin and limit trans-epidermal water loss. Try looking for …

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Beautified: Moisture-rich Skin

Remember our GuestBlogger’s report on Omega Fatty Acids? We’re taking it a step further. Here are some ways to keep your skin extra healthy this season (from inside out)! Slathering on moisturizer might not always be the quick fix. Eat up, buttercup! Choose moisture-rich foods containing: Vitamin A (think carrots, mangoes, spinach, and tomato) Vitamin C …

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M: Must.. Stop… Biting.. Nails

The nail polish enthusiast in me hates myself for biting off all my nails. Especially once I saw this… Magnetic Polish from Sephora A magnet (hidden in the cap) creates these cool ripple effects when held over the nail polish (which is also available in purple and teal) In Trafalgar Square — $16

M: Cuckoo for Coconut

I want to introduce to you this jar filled with magic coconut oil…   Just put a couple of tablespoons of this a day into your meals & drinks and it’ll increase your energy, endurance, and metabolism supports your immune system, kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus that cause things like food poisoning, sore throats, the flu, …

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Trend Report: Hiya Sunshine!

InStyle May 2011 is bananas for… Yellow Nails! For those of you who are nail illiterate, why not try Sally Hansen’s Nail Effects ($8.54), at your local drugstore. It’s an easy to apply strip that lasts up to 10 days (yellow included!)