FitNess: Not Just a Resolution

Oh, you know the saying. New Year, New You! (Trust me, I’m even guilty of it…)

Whether you are just starting a fitness regime or trying to step up a current routine, be sure to follow our FitNess posts. Learn more about the benefits of running, rules I’ve picked up along the way, even a sneak peek at the training schedules I follow. As for me, my goals this year include covering 1,000 miles- albeit running or spinning. Of course, my “trainer” has other intentions. Looks like I’ll be adding more weight training to my existing schedule.

The important thing is to stay motivated. If you’re just starting out, avoid burnout by going at your own pace. The point is to make this a lifestyle change, not just a “diet” or a “resolution”. Support your efforts by eating an appropriate diet. If you intend on running, Runner’s World has a great list of foods to fuel your run. Then, enlist a friend or group to help keep you accountable.