Beautified: Friends Revolution Palette (Monica Geller)

Growing up, Friends was the show that was just slightly more “adult” than I was allowed to watch. So, I’ve never been a fan of it like I was compared to, say, Harry Potter. But thanks to Netflix and good ol’ syndicated programming, I’ve made my way through the series. Ulta recently offered a line of products inspired by the show from Revolution, including this palette – Open the Door eye shadow palette, $25

It has an average of 5 stars based on 49 reviews, so clearly it is a much-loved palette. It features 21 shades, mostly ranging from cream to berries and rich chocolate tones. I have to say, it is more of a novelty palette than anything else. The colors do not have the pigmentation I was hoping for, and some can be difficult to blend. But, the packaging is adorable. And you do really get a great variety for the cost. It’s a great item to have, but it’s certainly not a must-have in your routine.

All that to say, I wanted to create looks from this line, inspired by each character, combined with actual products they used according to Robin Seigel, department head of make-up. For the character of Monica Geller, Seigel says she used a lot of jewel-tones with a hint of navy. This palette offered a few to work with, combined with Maybelline Colorstrike cream-to-powder eye shadow pen make-up for my second look. (And spoiler alert: this product is garbage.) Finally, I opted for Viseart in navy, which was the perfect solution.

I also added products used during the show, including Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, Laura Mercier setting powder, and several MAC products. (Which are, with much reassurance, not garbage.)

See the look, products and review here.