Beautified: Friends Revolution Palette (Phoebe Buffay)

And that’s a wrap on the Friends Revolution series.

Phoebe Buffay is equal parts lovable and quirky. But, surprisingly, her make-up is quite neutral. This look is inspired by rose-toned lips and cheeks, with a “hint of brown” around the eyes.

Products used:

Final thoughts?

Overall, this is entire line is about novelty. I, personally, would avoid the lip gloss from this collection. But, the eye shadow palettes are playful and fun. I prefer the Revolution Friends Take a Drive eyeshadow palette — mostly because the shades are more in my wheelhouse. But the real winners here? Honestly, I really liked the actual products used, specifically MAC Spice it up! (inspired by Monica Gellar) and the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk set.