V: All I Want for Christmas is …

It’s that time of year.

Each year, I try and tackle this thing called adulthood a little bit more efficiently. That means trying to start early, stay organized and stay on budget. Hear that? Budget, Vanessa. (Needless to say some years have been more successful than others.)

This year might just be a record. I have already delved into my shopping list. Sitting in my newly organized room are presents for at least 8 people. In order to effectively stay on budget, I’m making my choices carefully. If I see an item that reminds me of someone, I buy it. Yes, even if it’s obnoxiously early. However, I vaguely recall tearing out on an ice-cold Christmas Eve and desperately walking the aisles of Target.

Never again. Never again.

I figured it was only fair to give Santa a head’s up in return. Regardless of these items, though, the best gifts are the ones that show thought and creativity. These are merely to serve as ideas…

christmas list


Leather Leggings, $38
Liquido Active Leggings, $83
MAC Lipstick, $17
Daisy by Marc Jacobs, $78

Honorable mentions:

Flat or wedge ankle/calf boots
Kitchen items, like this cheese cutting board ($12.99) or bakeware
An adorable teapot, like this one from World Market: Bird Teapot ($19.99)

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