Get Creative: 365 Kisses


Love is in the air.

We recently celebrated Valentine’s Day with non-stop entertainment from a delicious dinner at Wildfire, Hairspray the musical, to the Chicago Auto Show. We try and “gift” ourselves with memories, not necessarily material items. Yet, I couldn’t help do a little something to show I care. I decorated a glass jar with 365 kisses (yes, hand counted). That way, he never goes without a kiss for every day of the year.

You know what the greatest thing about love is? You don’t need a special day to celebrate it. Anniversaries and other special holidays are just a reminder to show those you care for them. After all, love can be hard. It’s about learning to share your life with another person. It’s about compromise and working through differences. But after it’s all said and done, it’s just another adventure, another piece of your journey together. Even more reason to celebrate it.

Love is best shown in the little things. The daily actions. Not the grand or expensive gestures. It’s getting a cold compress for them in the middle of the night and refusing to sleep until they feel better. It’s stopping at Starbucks, even though you know they shouldn’t be spending their money on their 7th Venti iced coffee of the day. It’s looking forward to holding hands and seeing who guesses Wheel of Fortune first. It’s pausing to enjoy the moment and live in the “now.” After all, we never ever know how long “now” will last. Life is precious and so is love. Don’t wait until the next holiday to show you care.

For these reasons, I’m constantly thinking of small, creative things to show my appreciation. Here are a few creative ideas to show you care-

Date night jar. We’ve created a date night jar together. Each strip is colored coded by cost. This is a great opportunity to try some dates that you wouldn’t normally choose, like cooking or sushi-making class. You can also throw in some weekend getaway trips for something extra special!

date night jar


Printables. These prints are another inexpensive way to show you care. I did this particular print for our one-year anniversary. However, they make great engagement gifts as well. Simply capture meaningful dates or moments that are catered to the couple. Then, frame your print in a decorative frame that suits their personality or decor!


What sweet gestures do you share with your love?