Beautified: Is Glossier Worth the Hype?

Glossier has a cult-like following, but are virtually impossible to find. Instead, their main source of sales launched with Instagram. The brand goes by the ethos: skincare first, make-up second. In other words, take care of your skin first.

Glossier is also cruelty-free and most of the products we’re talking about are vegan. (The exceptions being the Boy brow and Cloud paint which use beeswax and carmine, respectively.) That automatically becomes a plus in my book.

The Products

I’m not one for unboxing. I like to try products and get a better understanding of the ingredients and other reviews before I share my thoughts. But man. I was so impressed when I opened up my box. The products came in extremely nice bags. They were lined with bubble wrap, and have a zipper closure. I will be holding on to these for traveling! All of the products have very clean packaging, and the bottle for the Futuredew is downright pretty. But let’s move on to the products.

I primarily wanted to try Glossier’s liquid eyeliner, but I got two sets to try other products as well:

The Eye Color Set, $45

This includes:

  • Skywash in Echo (cocoa brown)
  • Pro Tip liquid eyeliner
  • Lash slick mascara

The Emily Weiss Set, $58

This set features CEO Emily Weiss’ favorite products. This includes:

  • Futuredew
  • Boy brow
  • Lash slick
  • Milky jelly cleanser

Cloud Paint, $18

The Review

Futuredew‘s “nourishing oils (that don’t feel greasy) immediately give you a gleamy, well-moisturized look that lasts up to 12 hours.” It’s highly rated, with reviewers saying it’s “magic” and “my new favorite Glossier product.” But, despite hundreds of positive reviews, I was underwhelmed. The bottle is gorgeous, but one pump was too much for my face and felt very saturated. (It calls for two.) It did leave me with a definite glow, that my boyfriend later asked why I was sweating so much. (I wasn’t.) That said, once I stopped using it on my entire face, and only certain points in very minimal amounts, it achieved the perfect glow. It also calls to put it underneath your make-up, but I use so little I’ll throw it on for a little glow when I’m done.

Boy brow. Again, another massively popular item. This product is like an eyebrow gel that meets eyebrow pomade. It brushes eyebrows into place and has a pretty lasting hold. The coloring is fine, just slightly darker than my hair color. This is perfect for on-the-go workdays, where I want to do a simple brow without added time. But, if you’re looking for a clearly defined brow, you’ll need to use other products in tangent with this one.

Lash slick promises to curl and sculpt as it lengthens. The very first thing you’ll notice is that the wand itself is extremely small. The first time I applied it, I was disappointed. I gave it another chance and spent more time trying to build on the product. Turns out, it does build nicely and elongate. It’s lightweight and is not clumpy at all. At. All. But, it takes a little bit more work than, say, Better Than Sex to build it up. Overall, it creates very thin, distinct lashes. This is especially perfect for lower lashes, since it doesn’t clump, and can be built very steadily.

Pro tip liquid eyeliner. Ah, the entire reason for my purchase. I was hoping to recreate the Douchee Fierce and Fine graphic pen, but with a stronger pigmented color. I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. The tip is super fine and goes on easily. It’s got a little give to it, so it’s not as precise as the Douchee. But, it lasts quite a while and is flattering.

Skywash. First thing’s first: this color is gorgeous and I’ve gotten several compliments on my make-up when I use this product. This is a liquid to powder eyeshadow available in a number of colors. It promises to be a silky, blendable color that melts into skin, creating a pretty, diffused effect that lasts. Now, it is quite silky. And it is blendable. But there is a learning curve to this product. Because the color I purchased is so dark, I have to make sure to apply and blend the perfect amount in order to make both eyelids evenly distributed. And, it seems with lighter colors, it might be the opposite problem.

Milk jelly cleanser. The name says it all: this is going to be a non-foaming, jelly-like cleanser. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, and considered safe for the eye area. It is super soft, and leaves my skin hydrated. It does remove make-up, but some eye products required a little more scrubbing. It uses glycerin, which is especially going to help if you have dry skin. Overall, it’s a gentle cleanser and I will finish the bottle. For some, it’s the “holy grail” of cleansers. I think this product will be a great fit for some and has a pretty clean list of ingredients.

Cloud paint is a gel-cream blush. The texture and application are pretty reminiscent of the Skywash eyeshadow. I preferred Puff, which is a “light, cool pink” hue. (The video features Storm, which felt too dark for my complexion.) Now, I rarely use blush because I tend to get rosy cheeks/nose anyways. The color itself was pretty and flattering. Once it was blended in, it gave off a really nice effect. However, it does need to be blended in and applied properly as to not look tacky.

Short Answer: No (But…)

So, overall, I actually don’t think these products collectively are worth the hype. But, by no means does that mean they aren’t good, quality products. I just think they are just that: good products. I think it’s very possible to find the products that work in your skincare and beauty routine, but it could take some trial and error.

The presentation was really well done. I absolutely acknowledge and appreciate that. To me, there are certain products that are more remarkable than others. I think the Milky jelly cleanser is nice for people who struggle to find a gentle, non-foaming cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling silky soft and smooth. I think Boy brow is perfect for beginners, or just lazy days where you want to make your eyebrows come alive without the eyebrow gel, pencil, pomade, and…. you get the point. And, finally, it’s possible I’d re-order Skywash matte eyeshadow. But for this color (Echo), in particular, you have to be careful to apply them equally since a little bit goes a long way.

I also wouldn’t say it’s a complete loss. The only one that truly disappointed me was Futuredew. It’s just too much for my skin, and can only be used in extremely small doses.

Ultimately, the stigma is true. Glossier is for people who are seeking a minimalistic approach to their beauty routine. It’s for someone going for a barely-there, natural look. For that reason, the products are particularly great for work, running errands, and other quick, daily applications. But, they’re not going to be in your arsenal for an over-the-top night out.