Beautified: Bailey Sarian Venice Fling Palette

There are a few things you should know about me. I don’t really watch TV, so when I do, it’s almost always about murder investigations. Dateline. On the Case with Paula Zann. Okay, just about anything from Investigation Discovery. Recently, my boyfriend suggested I try to watch something outside of murder. Which is how I stumbled upon Bailey Sarian’s make-up videos.

… Well, murder and make-up. Each episode, she puts on a new look while talking about a different case. Not only do I get a dose of murder, but I have also found several products from her videos.

So imagine my surprise when IPSY’s add-on was her limited edition palette (which was initially sold out immediately). I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my last couple of bags, so I was so excited to be getting this as an add-on. It cost $30, but Ipsy offered it for $15.

The palette was inspired by Venice Beach, which I am no stranger to having lived in Los Angeles for three years. (Although, when I think of Venice I would think of a blue-based palette, with gray, creamy beige, and sand tones.) But alas, she went for the more vivid and vibrant aspects.

The Review

To be honest, this palette is a mix of tones I would normally avoid and be drawn to all at the same time. Bonfire, Tan Lines, Toasty and Venice Fling, which ranges from shades of pink, tan, and brown, are all colors I absolutely love for everyday wear. But yellow (Sol)? Or coral red (Rose Tattoo)? Those are definitely not what I would immediately consider as flattering tones.

That said, I was excited to get to work and try this palette.

Overall, the colors are very pigmented although some more than others. Tan Lines might be a little too muted for some skin tones. But, the mattes show up beautifully. As for the metallics, they have a really beautiful sheen once you’re able to build them up. (The purple tone, Roller Skates, and the brown tone, Venice Fling, both take a few layers to get that vibrant coloring to them.)

As I anticipated, the pink or brown tones are a little more practical for me. And although I was excited to try something new, Sol was just as unflattering for my coloring as I expected. Unfortunately, that means I’ll have to use it in very small amounts. Perhaps to brighten the inside of my eye with just a touch.

Both the colors and the product quality are not the best I’ve ever use, but it was fun to play with and certainly worth the price tag it comes with. And, it’s exactly what it promised to be: a fun palette.