V: The Art of Thankfulness

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We have already been inundated with Christmas sales since Halloween. However, the next coming days aren’t about scoring the most attractive deals, running over people for the best prices or even reflecting on the questionable past of our nation’s early history. It’s about reflecting on art of thankfulness.

We say it so often… Thank you. 

“Here is your coffee.”
“Thank you.”

“Have a great weekend!”
“Thank you, you too!” 

“Let me open the door for you.”
“Thank you.”

Yet, how often are those words simply… empty words?

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster. Every moment of celebration and joy, was met with another of uncertainty or reminder of the fragility of this precious life we live. You see, life is messy. Unpredictable. Above all, imperfect. There is nothing in our power we can do to change that. What we do have control over, however, is who we chose to celebrate with in those moments of joy. Who is there to mourn with us in times of loss and hardship? Who is there for us when life becomes the messy? The unpredictable? The imperfect? 

This Thanksgiving, be thankful. Truly and completely so. Remember, we are all going through this journey of life together.

Be thankful.
Be kind.
Spend time with those you love.
Be attentive.