V: Series of Fails…

Well, I’ve managed to keep at my resolution to make a new recipe each week. However, that doesn’t mean that every attempt has been a success. Or even close. I’ve tried recreating my sweet potato fries to be cinnamon and sugar coated. That was a mess… Literally. The coconut oil created a filmy layer that made them completely inedible. 

For tonight’s dinner, I tried ranch cheddar chicken with macaroni and cheese. I even managed to fail on boxed macaroni. Really.

Instead of getting frustrated, I’m looking forward to trying different options. We’ve even toyed with the idea of trying Blue Apron, which sends the food to prepare pre-planned recipes right to your door, including step-by-step instructions. Plus, their menu has a variety of unique and interesting meals that I wouldn’t normally prepare. I mean, there are only so many ways to make chicken, right?

Tell us, have you ever used a food service? What was your experience like?