V: I’m Feeling Blue… And Blue… And Blue

While flipping through the plethora of semi-ripped and ragged magazines at the gym yesterday, I challenged myself to wear one of the “Trends” featured at work today. Now, we all know life is not an editorial shoot. Parading through the halls of a nursing home drenched in over-the-top accessories is just not going to cut it. BUT I accepted the challenge and chose one color, worn in different shades.

Remember that delectable button up I bought at the Marshall’s men section? It’s getting its use because I layered it over a navy tank, dark blue pants, and topped it off with a cream and blue belt. A light blue pashmina gives the look an effortless Spring feel.

The Verdict? The look is subtle enough for work, yet on point with trends. I think trying shades of sherbert orange or pink would be interesting and more playful.