V: I Dare You–

Let’s face it, for most of us, we know what we want and how it will look on us after trial and error. We stick to some staple cuts, colors, and trends that fit us, our body, and most of all- our personality. That’s why I proposed a challenge. Heading into our beloved Forever, I told Maia we’d each pick three items the other would never typically try on and see what happens. After all, what’s fashion without pushing yourself?

The Goodies:

For Maia, I picked a sequined blazer, an asymmetrical bright coral dress, a studded black top, and a tank with sheer overlay. 

The Verdict:

We did have a winning number: The blazer! Unfortunately, $30 is too pricey for the gift card diva. The bright coral dress was a close second, but the fabric did not lay well.

The Goodies:

One thing I am not? Simple or understated. That’s why Maia picked a simple black dress. More my speed? A tie-dye shirt and floral high waisted jeans- both in cuts that I do not own.

The Verdict:

No winning numbers! The dress was an awful square neck, the shirt hung on me awkwardly, and the shorts were light and breezy, but my thighs felt anything but.

Moral of the story? I always try on one item that is outside of my comfort zone because you’ll never know when it’ll “click”. In the end, however, you know yourself, your likes, and your body better than anyone else. Trust yourself and never buy unless you absolutely LOVE it. So the next time you go shopping, do us a favor. Pick something absolutely crazy and try it. We’d love to hear how it worked out for you! Go on, we dare you!