V: Shaming Self Magazine…

You know, cancer hits particularly close to home for me.
One of my closest friends has brain cancer. He underwent two Craniotomy procedures which, for the nonclinical folks, is where part of the skull is removed to dig around.
While. He.Was. Awake. 
You may understand how that would create a small reason for concern.
Yet, despite the multiple surgeries and the diagnosis, he always seemed to be comforting me.
He faced every obstacle, including 14 months of aggressive radiation treatment and chemotherapy, with a level of courage and character that I couldn’t even fathom having at 27.
You can imagine my, ahem, pure distaste when I read that Self Magazine ignorantly harassed ridiculed marathon runner Monika Allen for wearing a tutu in their BS Meter section.
Monika, who started Glam Runner in 2011 and has donated $5,600 to Girls on the Run, had run that marathon in the middle of receiving chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.
Now, I do not know Monika Allen.
What I do know is… The strength it takes to undergo treatment, let alone completing a marathon, warrants respect no matter what she is wearing. I’m sorry Lucy, but cancelling a car service (really?) to ride a bike to work isn’t nearly as impressive.
But I’m not here to shame. Really, I’m not.
I actually feel a teensy bit bad for your Marketing & PR team. See, I get it.
Self Magazine has 920 thousand followers and that is just Facebook alone.
You have quite the platform, which is no doubt impressive. Each article and status you post is a message that actively participates in the shaping and molding of society’s paradigm.
That’s a lot of power.
What a nightmare it must be for them to cover up a sorry excuse for an editor’s misjudgment…
In a matter of hours your “apology” post received over 5,000 angry comments, 600 shares, and 700 “likes”. The wrath of angry women is never, ever fun. But then again, your brand is all about cultivating independent, strong women, right? 
Since you already have enough backpedaling to deal with apologizing to do , I’m going to do it a little differently. See, I’ve been struggling to get started this running season. I forgot the reason that drove me so intensely last year. Every time I’d set off on a long run, I’d tell myself that it was for a cause much bigger than myself. I’d push through every hurdle because I knew that somewhere, someone was battling something much greater. So thank you for that…
Monika reaffirms everything I ran for.
(Sorry, not you.)
But… I’m going to be nice enough and tell you what to do to get yourself out of this mess.
Clearly a half-ass Facebook post generated on your staff’s account isn’t going to get anywhere…
That’s why I’m proposing an issue dedicated to people who inspire others. I am pretty sure you have your cover girl- tutu and all- solidified.  (Read: Merely paying her off is a total cop out.)
You will propose a generous donation (in addition to the money allocated to Glam Runner’s) for reader’s most inspiring person/organization. Because, let’s face it, you need to positively and proactively engage the reader’s who hate you right now.
As for me…
I am looking forward to my next race, Glam Runner’s tutu and all.
Maybe next time you’ll consciously seek out someone’s story before extorting them.

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