Accessorized: Faking It

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous handbag?
Unfortunately, counterfeits are ever-present online. Before you take to the internet for holiday shopping, here are some tips to spotting a fake-
Ditch the Rose Colored-Lens-
Trust us, we are all about finding a good deal.
However, there are some mark-downs that scream suspicious.
If it’s too cheap, chances are it’s not real. Make sure you are buying from a reputable source.  
Real bags will have subtle, quality stitching.
A fake, on the other hand, will be overly pronounced, slanted, or sloppy.
Fake seams will appear much more noticeable than real seams.
Most bags will have serial numbers, so be sure to check.
If you are still unsure, bring your handbag to a retailer.
 Above all, research. Research. Research.